Home Moving Service

Our residential moving services are reliable and stress-free

Moving is a unique experience for each customer. Some anticipate the completion while others are concerned about the prices. At Express J movers we are glad to inform you that we cater to all your concerns and make the move as care-free for you as you expect. We are the people to book for the best experience and moving service in Toronto GTA. The transition process can be daunting but we have got you covered. We cover every detail of the process with you before finalizing the moving date for the move.

Whether you are searching for furniture movers Service in Toronto, cross-province moving, office moving or cross-border moving services- we are just a call away. As a reputed moving business each of our services is tailored to fit the specifications of the customer. You are free to add or remove additional services when working with us.

Why we are the right movers for you

Our services entail a crew of professional movers, moving trucks, and other transportation along with padding for furniture and other sensitives items. Our agreed-upon prices include the services you have decided on during the booking period.  Our costs include the minimum labor hours that have to be completed by our crew. The clock starts when our crew arrives at your location and stops when the moving is complete. You can opt for de-loading and unpacking services if you like. But the costs will be charged according to the hour.

As the best moving service in Toronto GTA, we are equipped to handle the most challenging moves across Canada and internationally as well. We offer crate, unpacking, assembling, and disassembling services as well. These three categories include the following services


This service is designed to handle valuable and sensitive items such as electronics, machines craftwork, paintings, and similar items that require careful carriage. As reputed Piano movers in GTA, we have perfected the art of packing and crating items that are fragile and need to be handled with care.


Despite being a popular DIY choice, unpacking is quite the sought-after service. At Express J movers we strive to make the process seamless for you. you can get items dropped at different floors and even opt for assistance removing them from their packages.

Assembling and disassembling

This is a useful tool when dealing with furniture especially beds, exercise equipment, couches, and more. If you want our crew to help you with the disassembling to assembling process you need not worry. As a Toronto’s Furniture movers Service, we have trained our crew to get things done in record time without damaging as much as pants on your belongings.

We carry our years of experience and customer satisfaction with pride. Your opinions are valuable to us and you can expect our representatives to be vigilant and responsive even after the move is complete.

If you aren’t a customer, you can still call us up for a consultation and a free estimate for the move. We are more than happy to assist you through the process of booking and move completion.