Local Movers


The primary concern for many planning to move locally is whether the people they have hired are the right people for the job. In reality, most contemplate whether looking into professional movers in Scarborough and nearby is even worth it. At Express J movers we are quite familiar with the concerns you have as a customer. A majority of customers believe that local relocations should be faster and much cheaper compared to cross-country or province moving.

To better understand what a local move entails, we have curated a guide for anyone planning a small move in Toronto. Following are factors you should consider

Should you DIY it?

Looking into Toronto local moving companies may seem like a hassle but the benefits of working with professional movers certainly outweigh the cons. Doing-it-yourself may end up making the transitions far more difficult than it has to be and it is certainly going to cost more.

Unless you have a fleet of trucks and a trained crew that is willing to assist you through the move in a given time, it is definitely worth the investment to hire professionals.

Are reputed local movers available?

Once you have decided that hiring professional movers in Scarborough is the way to go. Finding the right local business becomes a challenge. To give our customers a better choice, we have real testimonials and ratings from our customers present on our website. We believe in being transparent and our local moving crew is available for hire regularly.

We take great care in optimizing the results of our customer’s investment by making the process quick, efficient, and seamless. With our crew on the job, you don’t have to deal with extended delays and mediocre quality of service.

What are the costs of Local moving?

Cost-benefit comparison is the only solution to sift through the crowd of Toronto local moving companies. Cheap doesn’t mean ideal and expensive does not guarantee high-quality services. At Express J movers you can get estimates from our representatives without being charged for it. We are very clear about the costs of our services and give the customer the choice of adding services according to their budget and need.

In some cases, visual inspection-based estimates are necessary especially when official equipment is involved. In such cases, you can discuss your concerns and cost-benefit queries in person with the inspectors on-site.

Additional assistance

As professional movers in Scarborough, we have a list of additional services you can book. From providing packing materials to unpacking after the final relocation we have got you covered. Our team is trained to assist our customers through any part of the moving experience whether it is a local move or an international one.

You can discuss the details of the move by leaving your queries on our Contact-us portion or by giving us a call today! We are happy to assist.